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Broadening Your Horizons Through the Education Abroad Program

UC Riverside students have an opportunity to study abroad through a variety of programs ranging from one week to a full year. Our belief at UCR and the School of Business Administration is that students who travel and learn abroad are exposed to elements and experiences that cannot be taught in a classroom. Through these experiences, students become well-rounded, cultured individuals with an international perspective that can be applied to a professional setting after graduation. For business administration majors, there are four programs to choose from to study abroad.

Education Abroad Program (EAP) – Pre-approved institutions that guarantee academic credit and calculates into UCR GPA. Programs are one quarter, one semester, and/or one year in length.

Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP) – Larger list of counties to choose from to study abroad including a semester at sea. Programs are one quarter, one semester, and/or one year in length. Academic credit is not guaranteed and does not calculate into UCR GPA.

SoBA Global Programs – Specific to undergraduate and graduate business students. Typically about one week in length.

UCDC Program – Internship program at the nation's capital in Washington D.C. with other UC students for one quarter.

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