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Business Students Launch Community-Wide Advertising Campaign

By Heather Jackson

UCR School of Business students plan a social media advertising campaign with Executive Director, Ginger Greaves and Web Designer Kurt Peck of the Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation.

Undergraduate and graduate students in Dr. Sherryl Berg-Ridenour’s advertising and strategic management courses initiated a campaign partnership with local organizations in late April. To promote civic engagement and coursework application, students are paired up with an organization to run a social media advertising campaign for 5 weeks.

During this time, student groups will team up with nonprofits from Riverside and San Bernardino counties to create and implement a marketing strategy that increases awareness and brand presence in the Inland Empire. Students will integrate learned social media marketing tactics, video, animation and blogging to promote a designated nonprofit’s brand.

“It is a rare opportunity to break down the classroom walls and get students into the community,” Dr. Sherryl Berg-Ridenour says. “It is a mix of theory and application, allowing students to see how advertising works in the real world. The students are incredibly creative so it creates a win-win situation.”

Beth Claassen-Thrush, the UCR educational initiatives coordinator for undergraduate education, brought in a total of 24 nonprofits from health-care services to commerce, to team up with students for the life of the project. Some of the nonprofits include Habitat for Humanity Riverside, Riverside Unified School District, The Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation, and the Autism Society of the Inland Empire to name a few.

Laniea Dominguez, the vice-president of business development for the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce says her organization is eager to get started because this student partnership just may be the leverage their delegation needs to meet their goals. 

“Branding is a big concern for us because the chamber has only been around for four years. We want to recruit more members, gain more exposure, and unite the region. This campaign will help us do that,” Laniea Dominguez, vice-president of business development for the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce explains. "We are excited to use the skill sets the students provide to take our organization to the next level."

The campaign will have a lasting impact on each nonprofit by helping to establish each company's digital strategic plans. At the end of the project, each nonprofit organization will receive market analytics and audience insights so that each company can continue to implement successful social media marketing strategies.

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