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Interested in changing your major to Business Administration?

The Business Administration major at UC Riverside is unique in that it is a junior/senior program. The admissions criterion to enter the major depends on your current major and type of admission to UCR (freshmen or transfer). Students fall into one of the four following categories:

Pre-Business – Admitted to UCR as a freshman with pre-business as their declared major.

Business Preparation – Transfer students admitted conditionally to transition into business administration major, but are missing one or two business preparation courses.

Undeclared & Other Majors – Students admitted as freshmen who are undeclared at UCR or are transitioning from another major on campus.

Transfer Student – Admitted to UCR as a transfer student in a major other than business administration (not including Business Preparation transfer students).

If you are unsure which category you fall into, please contact the designated academic advisor in the School of Business for clarification.

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