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Undergraduate Business Program

Business Administration Minor

Undergraduate Business Program

The Business Administration Minor

The minor in Business Administration exposes students to the core areas of business while providing the opportunity for additional in-depth education in marketing, management, accounting, finance, information systems, and operations and supply chain management.

The Business Administration minor gives students a base of basic business practices so they are able to become entrepreneurs and business leaders in whatever field they are studying. A background in business complimented by a different major of study enables students to take an interdisciplinary approach to pursue their desired career.

To declare a minor in business, students need to visit the Undergraduate Programs Office and meet with an advisor. Students can either make an appointment or come in during drop-in hours to meet with the next available advisor.

To complete a minor in Business Administration, students must complete the following:

  • Business Minor Prerequisites (Three courses)

    BUS 20: Financial Accounting and Reporting

    Study of the concepts and techniques for measurement and communication of financial information and interpretation of financial statements.

  • ECON 3: Intro to Microeconomics

    An introduction to the study of the economic system from the micro, or individual decision-maker’s, perspective. Includes analysis of competition, monopoly, and the distribution of income.

  • STAT 48: Statistics for Business

    An introduction to statistics using business applications. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous distributions, Bayes’ theorem, random variables, estimation and confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and simple linear regression.

  • Business Minor Core (Choice of four courses)

    BUS 101: Information Technology Management

    Topics include computer hardware and software, business data processing, databases, telecommunications, systems analysis and design, cost-benefit analysis, and systems applications in business. Includes database and spreadsheet projects.

  • BUS 102/PHIL 116: Business Ethics

    An inquiry into some of the moral issues arising from business life, such as conflicts of interest, responsibility to consumers, corporate culture and character, and the morality of competition. Also considers the history of ethics and the history of business as an institution.

  • BUS 103: Marketing and Distribution Management
    An introduction to the role of marketing in society with emphasis on concepts, marketing methods, and institutions.
  • BUS 104/STAT 104: Decision Analysis & Management Science

    Survey of deterministic and probabilistic models for decision making. Topics include linear programming and extensions, networks, dynamic programming, decision trees, queuing models, and simulation. Uses of these models in decision making are discussed.

  • BUS 105: Production and Operations Management

    Deals with the issues of design and control of production systems in manufacturing and service organizations. Covers product and process selection, capacity planning, location and layout design, project and job scheduling, inventory control, material planning, and quality control.

  • BUS 106/ECON 134: Introduction to Financial Management

    Covers the foundation materials for both corporate financial management, and investment and portfolio analysis. Topics include time value of money, capital budgeting, capital structure, dividend policy, portfolio theory, Capital Asset Pricing Model, and market efficiency.

  • BUS 108: Financial Evaluation & Managerial Analysis

    Study of accounting data used for managerial planning and controlling of business operations. Provides an introduction to manufacturing operations and cost accounting systems, cost-volume-profit analysis, relevant costing, standard costing and variance analysis, as well as budgeting.

  • Upper Division Business Electives (Two courses)

    Choice of any two upper division business courses from BUS 100W, 107, 109, 111-178 and 198I.

  • For a complete list of minor requirements, see the summary sheet here.

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