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Message from Assistant Dean Kazi Mamun

Kazi A. MamunBecome a Part of the UCR Undergraduate Program in the School of Business!

As the Assistant Dean of the Undergraduate Business Programs in the School of Business at UC Riverside, I want to thank you for taking the time to explore our program's website. Whether you are a prospective student considering attending UCR, or a currently enrolled student in our business or pre-business programs, the staff of the Undergraduate Business Programs office is here to help you.

The office is the one-stop shop for most of your academic and co-curricular needs. We encourage you to come and meet with your academic advisors for a comprehensive advising session. They will advise you on a number of issues including course scheduling, taking a balanced load each quarter, availability of courses, transfer articulation issues, the importance of internships, opportunities for going abroad, visiting the career center, joining student organizations and, of course, any unique situation that you might face.

As you can see from the variety of issues the advisors deal with, I believe in a comprehensive advising system, which not only addresses your immediate needs, but also challenges you to look beyond graduation. During your time at UCR as you pursue the Business Administration degree, we want to draw your attention to the fact that, in addition to doing well in your classes, your success also depends on taking full advantage of the services available at UCR.

Think of us as the guides that help you in navigating through the rich, lush forest of college life especially when you come up against forks in the trail. We will provide you with a map which will enable you to go on that overseas program, complete one or more internships to prepare you for that first job, and hone those leadership skills which will make you stand out from the rest when you start your career.

Part of going to college is asking the right kind of questions. Remember that the quality of the response you get is directly proportional to the types of questions you ask. I encourage you to be curious, ask a lot of questions, engage with faculty and your peers, and have the best time while you are at UCR. We expect all of you to be successful in business, become leaders in your field, and give back to your community.

Remember, we are here to help!


Kazi A. Mamun
Assistant Dean
Undergraduate Business Program

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