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Royce Ngiam ‘01 MBA Alumnus to Speak at Graduate Orientation


“Be the leader and innovator. Let everyone else talk about innovation and being innovative while you're living innovation.” Royce Ngiam


We are honored to welcome distinguished alumnus, Royce Ngiam ‘01, as the guest speaker at Graduate Orientation for the incoming class of 2017. Royce is the Assistant VP of Marketing at The Walt Disney Company Partners Federal Credit Union. He has led an outstanding career in finance, advertising and marketing at the largest entertainment company in the world.

Royce received an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing (although his transcript would suggest an emphasis in Finance) from the School of Business at the University of California, Riverside in 2001. 

In his current position at The Walt Disney Company, Royce drives the creative development and strategies that embrace multiple platforms to engage and activate the credit union’s TWDC Cast Member, Employee, and Imagineer audiences through innovative solutions that are quantifiable, repeatable, and sustainable. His 20 years of experience, including his time with TWDC, have reinforced his passion for marketing and his desire to be a thought leader while advancing his craft within the banking/credit union industry.

As an award-winning graphic designer, he has generated billions of dollars in deposits, billions of dollars in loans, and hundreds of thousands of new members and customers. Royce has successfully demonstrated the ability to balance creative aesthetics with functional business objectives to reinforce and build a brand promise. 

What is Royce’s secret to accomplishing and thriving in his industry? His answer is to treat everything you do with passion, which blurs the lines between work and fun, between life and living.  He encourages new up-and-comers to “think for yourselves and seek to understand the factors and drivers that lead to success by understanding your business inside and out.”

Royce believes in pushing the boundaries of limitation.  In an article he authored titled “From Consumer of Content to Creator of Content” he states,

“You will never experience the excitement and fulfillment of being a true innovator and leader until you ditch the best practices and passive reading and start implementing and driving.”

The A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management is proud to welcome Royce back as our guest speaker at our upcoming orientation, and hope that the incoming class of 2017 can awaken the same motivation and enthusiasm for growth and prosperity as Royce has.  Some final words of wisdom from Royce are, “Be the leader and innovator. Let everyone else talk about innovation and being innovative while you're living innovation.”


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