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Dr. James Merino establishes the Jaime J. Merino Endowed Business Scholarship

Dr. James Merino (Center) vists to lecture at UCR School of Business 

The Jaime J. Merino Endowed Business Scholarship has been created to provide scholarships to students in the A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management. The $50,000 endowed scholarship will be matched by the A. Gary Anderson Family Foundation Matching Gifts Fund, creating a total endowed value of $100,000.

Dr. James Merino ('89) has named this scholarship in honor of his grandfather, Jaime J. Merino, the first person in his family to attend university and a lifelong supporter and advocate of education. The Jaime J. Merino Endowed Business Scholarship will support students who are budding entrepreneurs and show great promise as business leaders.  

A UCR alumnus and entrepreneur, Dr. Merino embodies the spirit of innovation and leadership aspired to by all at the School of Business Administration. He graduated from Cal Tech and then did a PhD in Math at Stanford in 1991. After teaching Math at SMU for six years, he returned to the classroom himself for an MBA at UCR.

Having achieved success as an expert in the field of data science, Dr. Merino has held senior positions at LivePerson, AddThis and Yahoo!, and was a co-founder and head of Research and Development for XGraph, a company providing buyers and sellers of online advertising with Connected Audience™ solutions that improve ad targeting. 

Dr. Merino builds upon his grandfather’s legacy in the creation of this scholarship fund. In 1920, the 10- year-old Jaime Merino arrived from Mexico with his mother and siblings, fleeing the chaos and disorder of the Revolution. Jaime Merino went on to study engineering at both UCLA and UC Berkeley, and instilled in his family the values of education and hard work. 

Jaime excelled at sports and school work. He was a superb athlete whose track records at UCLA lasted many years and he represented Mexico in the 1932 Olympics. UC to him was always a beacon of excellence that he taught his children to respect and strive for.

After graduation he was offered a job in Mexico with an American oil company.  However, soon after Mexican government expropriated the oil fields. Jaime Merino was one of the few Mexican engineers who could put together the team and the equipment necessary to restart the operations in what was then the biggest oil field in the country. 

Among his many successes, what stands out in his biography is the work he did to promote education in the town. Blanche Westcamp, his wife whom he met at UC, was a teacher. The two of them were a formidable team when it came to ensuring their children received the best education. Though the oil company, they fully supported the school for the worker’s children, and even supported some students in pursuing higher education.

When the family moved back to California, Blanche and Jaime were relentless in their efforts to ensure their children and grandchildren received the very best education possible. It is certainly with this in mind that Dr. Merino has established this scholarship.




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