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The Impact of a Scholarship

“The amount of my scholarship is the same amount I earn from working about 110 hours – for me, that’s worth a whole quarter working... that has changed my life...”

14 Scholarships and Awards were given to 22 young men and women at the 23rd Annual Scholarship Awards and Donor Reception. This reception is an important event that recognizes our best and brightest undergraduate and graduate business students. The students awarded, such as Paulina Laroya, have demonstrated excellence in their academic achievements and shown the promise of becoming tomorrow’s successful business leaders.

“This past academic year, I had the honor of being a SoBA General Scholarship recipient, and I am standing here today not only to thank my donors for their generosity, but also to give you all some insight on what an impact such generosity can make on an individual.

One of the first things I learned as a college student was not the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet, or the locations of all the campus restaurants – instead, it was the realization that college is not just an education, but an experience. College is where you need to find yourself, muster up the courage to engage with professionals, make lifelong connections with others, and make huge mistakes and learn from them – but all this growth and adventure comes at a high price, and paying for that price takes time and concentration away from what really matters about being here.

A lot of people know this by default, but a lot of times, they don’t realize how significant it is. So why is this important to me?

Well, this year, I managed to balance one virtual internship, one on-campus internship, one part-time job, an officer position with an on-campus organization, and weekly volunteering on top of at least 16 units of classes. If you do the math, you’ll find that sums up to 54 hours of work per week, excluding study time. People call me crazy for doing all of it, and when they find out I commute from 40 minutes away, they call me even crazier.

The amount of my scholarship is the same amount I earn from working about 110 hours – for me, that’s worth a whole quarter working at my part-time job, which also equates to the amount of time that I commit to being an officer for the on-campus professional organization that has changed my life and contributed to my growth as an individual. Being a scholar has given me the ability to go through my college life worrying about what I’m supposed to be worrying about as a college student. But this privilege has done more than merely take my focus away from finances.

I always hear and read that the scholarships here at UCR aim to honor individuals who display excellence and potential to succeed during their time at UCR, and it’s so rewarding to know that I am considered one of those individuals. It’s often easy for college students to fall into the trap of doubt, but being recognized as an exceptional student allows me to believe that I am, indeed, capable of the goals I set my mind to.

So to all the other donors here, on behalf of the scholarship recipients in the room, I thank you sincerely for continuing to be a large part of the success and education of students like me.

Thank you.”

At SoBA, we want to ensure that every exceptional student has the financial resources necessary to earn a degree. UC Riverside is very grateful for the current business leaders, companies, and foundations that believe and support in the potential of our young business leaders.



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