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Global Executive Speaker Rob Fraley Spoke on Campus

An outstanding story of his journey from Riverside to Wall Street

Rob Fraley spoke on campus to a large audience of undergraduate and graduate students about his journey from Riverside to Wall Street.  Rob graduated with a B.S. Magna Cum Laude from the University of California at Riverside and went on to be a Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group, a diversified investment fund manager, since 2002.

Rob is responsible for developing credit-driven trading and portfolio strategies within and among a wide range of industries and sectors –most notably energy, chemicals, transportation, mining and manufacturing. During his time at Fortress, Rob has worked in both New York and London. Prior to joining Fortress, Rob worked at Merrill Lynch & Co., where he was most recently a senior analyst, and Director, on the distressed debt trading desk. During his time at Merrill, Rob worked in New York, London and Hong Kong.

“I was in the same positon as many of you today, pondering my future, wondering if I would experience success in my career, or if I would be able to fulfil the potential that I thought that I had.”  Rob has successfully carved out a career in the financial industry in Wall Street and shares the enormous life challenges he overcame to attend university, navigate financial aid, and launch himself into the financial world.


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