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UCR Business School teams return from International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition with the win!


Two teams of undergraduate and graduate students won big at the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC). Led by Dr. Sean Jasso, UCR School of Business teams have placed in the top tier wins for four consecutive years participating in ICBSC. This year, we are proud to announce that our teams won Best Overall Performance, Second Best Overall Performance, and second for Best Business Document.

The ICBSC began in 1965 challenging students in direct competition with other college teams, running a stimulated or virtual manufacturing company. It is known as the longest running, most comprehensive business competition in the world. The UC Riverside teams are selected from a large pool of applicants during the fall term. By January, the teams are competing weekly against other university teams in a simulated competitive environment. The teams consist of four to six students creating an actual company and are responsible for making weekly strategic decisions covering every element of general management- global supply chain, operations, human resources, marketing, finance, plant production, and more.

“The simulation environment offered by this competition resembles real life to a great extent which made it one of the best learning experiences of my entire MBA life. It was thrilling and exciting to run a company and see the outcomes of our decisions in a short span of time. As a participant, I was able to observe and learn how strategic positioning, team collaboration, and effective business functioning can help produce great results for a firm.” – Shahid Mohammed

During the months before the competition, teams develop product prototypes, strategic business plans, income statements, balance sheets, and annual reports all reviewed by a board of directors. When in Anaheim, teams make quarterly decisions for a “two year period” culminating a rigorous presentation, prepared on site to their board of directors.

UCR has placed in the top tier for the past four years bringing a learning experience unique among business strategy competitions and showcasing the incredible talent our students hold at SoBA.

“This is my second time participating in the ICBSC. I had an amazing experience competing as an undergraduate, so it was great to come back and lead one of the MBA teams this year. Each of us executed weekly decisions based on our company’s marketing, sales forecasting, operational, and financial investment strategies. We also created a company business plan and annual report, and presented our results to a group of judges. Our team put in countless hours and it was great to see UCR win again this year.” –Alison Turner

Congratulations to our two teams in taking home the trophy and thank you to Dr. Jasso for always leading our students to success! UCR SoBA thrives on the talented and driven students that continues to enables others to be innovative, collaborative, and inspiring. We can’t wait to see what our students come up with next year.



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