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Student Success Stories: Jo Tomotoshi

Jo Tomotoshi, 2nd Year MBA student interns with Daimler AG this past summer.


Jo Tomotoshi is a Second Year Japanese MBA student here at the Gary Anderson School of Management. This past summer, he was given the opportunity to intern with Daimler, the automobile manufacturer for Mercedes Benz. He first found this opportunity at a job career forum in San Francisco. The process itself took 3-4 interviews.  Tomotoshi was the only foreigner in the department that he was working under. He worked in a team to develop a new prototype truck for 2017. His job included tasks such as managing the schedule of manufacturing and monitoring the quality of the parts. 

Tomotoshi stated that since it is a German company and his boss was from Germany, it was a good opportunity for him to work with a foreign leader and learn his leadership skills and communication ability. Tomotoshi worked hand in hand with his boss by attending meetings, meeting senior managers, and senior executives. He was able to observe the skills of the higher management on making quick effective decisions. From that, he learned the importance of critical thinking.

It was his first experience with the automobile industry. During the internship, he was able to view the whole process of manufacturing large shipping trucks. He had the opportunity to visit the supply chain store warehouse and visit the penting factory.

“It gave me the whole picture of the truck, and saw how a company builds from the smallest part into the full product, and especially see a product come into works when finished.”

From UCR, he implemented a lot of skills he learned through his classes into his internship with Diamler. Through his Organizational Behavior course especially, he learned a lot of leadership and communication skills. He also used resources from the Career Center and recommends that students explore outside their comfort zone to find new and exciting opportunities.

“If you really want to gain more opportunities, explore more locations, don’t restrict yourself to one area. 

After he graduates, he hopes to continue working for Daimler.

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