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UCR School of Business students' outstanding work with UCR Audit & Advisory Services lands them jobs at the Big 4 and major accounting firms.


The UCR Audit & Advisory Services has the strongest internship program in the UC system.  Each year they bring on approximately 12 interns from the School of Business Administration. After this experience many then move on to other campus internship positions in UCR Planning & Budget, Human Resources, and Risk Management.

Their success in the classroom and in the internship program, particularly their work in the area of Data Analytics, has translated into landing top positions when they graduate in accounting firms such as KPMG, PwC and Delloitte. About a third go to the Big 4, another third go to major accounting firms, and others go into positions in accounting, finance, and audit in large public companies. 


PwC has been pleasantly surprised with the quality of students coming from the UCR School of Business this year and last year.  The School is back on the recruiting target for 2016,” commented Jonathan Pittard, PwC Senior, Tax Services.

Laura Bishin, Principal Auditor, with Caleb Man, Malik Conley, and Thomas Liu, SoBA Audit Interns,
present at the UCR Organizational Excellence event 

Several students from the School of Business Administration interned with the UCR Audit & Advisory Services and joined a group of campus-wide Lean thinkers to present their research and findings at the Organization Excellence (OE) series.

Their hard work contributed to several Organizational Excellence initiatives based on Lean Six Sigma principals.  Their most notable contribution was their work in travel reimbursement cycle where they interviewed several SOBA staff and faculty to build the value stream map. 

Left:Thomas Liu, Caleb Man, Laura Bishin, Malik Conley, and Eric Lee

For example, Eric Lee, SoBA student intern with Audit & Advisory Services, uncovered over processing in the area of onboarding and time reporting. Eric had several jobs on campus in different units, but he was asked to complete the onboarding process (filling out I-9’s, showing id, etc.) for each appointment. Eric pointed out that there are departments on campus that still use manual timesheets, although those departments have Kronos (an automated time reporting system which is meant to, in part, eliminate paper time sheets). To that end, several faculty and students (including several Audit & Advisory student interns) are Organizational Excellence ambassadors.

Audit & Advisory Services’ audit team, including the UCR SoBA student interns, has actively participated and collaborated with other Organizational Excellence Ambassadors by mapping process flows and lending insights through data analytics to demonstrate areas of inefficiency (redundancy, over processing, wait time in queues, backflow due to errors, etc.). To date, A&AS has been involved with workgroups reviewing various onboarding functions, travel, and the check request processes and participated in a presentation by six campus-wide Lean thinkers’ workgroups to campus constituents on August 31, 2015. See


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