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First Place awards for our teams at the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition

Our two UCR SoBA teams finished strong at the 51st Annual International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition in Anaheim, California, from April 23 to 25. The two teams are selected from a large pool of applicants during the fall term. By January, the teams are competing weekly against other university teams in a simulated competitive environment. Teams consist of four to six students creating an actual company. The teams are responsible for making strategic decisions covering every element of general management - global supply chain, operations, human resources, marketing, finance, and plant production to name a few.

During the months before Anaheim, teams develop product prototypes, business plans, income statements, balance sheets and annual reports all reviewed by a board of directors. When in Anaheim, the teams make quarterly decisions for a "two year period" culminating in a rigorous presentation to their board of directors. The event concludes during the formal trophy dinner where the thirty-six teams of the seven "worlds" anxiously wait to learn their final results.

The two UCR teams competed in two different "worlds" composed of five teams per world. One team comprised of SoBA undergraduates and graduates earned First Place for "Best Business Documents" as well as "Best Overall Performance" and our other SoBA team earned Third Place for "Best Overall Performance".

UCR remains among the leaders in the Competition. The experience gained by the students is invaluable and adds to their exceptional competitiveness as they move into their careers.


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