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The UCR business school dean meets with Ta Siu, owner of East 180 and ElectroMed.


June 7, 2012

The dean with Mr. Ta Siu.Interim Dean Yunzeng Wang paid a visit on June 4 to Chinese entrepreneur Ta Siu (pictured, far right) at his East 180 Asian Cuisine & Bar in Diamond Bar, California.

Siu earned a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Northeastern University, where he taught for five years before developing an interest in business.

According to the East 180 website, Siu’s restaurant prides itself on offering a “pan-Chinese experience grounded in and dedicated to showcasing the best in Chinese regional cuisine – not Chinese as it has been stereotyped, but how it is constantly evolving.”

In addition to East 180, Siu is also the owner of ElectroMed Co., which deals with the manufacturing and sales of medical equipment, specifically glucose monitors and other related products.

He is currently a member of the UCR business school’s Dean Advisory Council.

Dean Wang said, “It was a great honor to visit Mr. Siu at East 180, where we were treated to fine dining. His entrepreneurship is commendable, and I am excited about ways in which we can continue to collaborate in the future.”

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