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Becoming a Business Administration Major at UCR

Business Major Requirements & Concentration Areas

To complete a major in Business Administration, students must take a total of 72 upper division units. The major comprises of 10 core courses, 5 concentration courses and 3 upper division business electives. For a complete list of requirements, please review the Major Requirements Summary Sheet. To read course descriptions for all major required courses, see Curriculum.

Below is a list of concentrations offered for the major:

  • Accounting & Auditing - focuses on the development, interpretation and communication of financial and operational information for effective decision-making.
  • Finance - focuses on important financial policy and strategy decisions, corporate governance and control, merger and acquisition, and risk management.
  • Management - focuses on the roles of managers in organizations, including: employee behavior and motivation, bargaining, negotiation, team development, managing diversity, strategic change, organization learning, top management team, managing competitive environments, corporate strategy alliances, and strategy formulation and implementation.
  • Information Systems - focuses on helping organization leverage technology in order to create or sustain a competitive advantage.
  • Marketing - focuses on the study of customers and competitors so they can design product, promotion, pricing and distribution strategies that meet the needs and wants of the customer within a competitive marketplace.
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management - focuses on the efficient integration of information and processes across supplies/vendors, manufacturers, and distributors.

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