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Undergraduate Business Program

Financial Economics

Concentration in Finance

In order to get your degree with a concentration in Finance, you must complete BUS 132 and at least four of the following classes:

  • BUS 131: Fixed-Income Securities

    Covers fixed-income securities and basic analytical tools in fixed-income markets. Topics include relative pricing of fixed-income securities, yield-curve estimation, securities with embedded options, and trading strategies. Utilizes instruments such as interest rate swaps, mortgage-backed securities, and credit derivatives.

  • BUS 132: Foundations of Finance
    Covers the mathematical and economic foundations of finance. Topics include intertemporal production and consumption, fisher separation, risk and return, two-fund separation, standard asset-pricing models, arbitrage, derivatives concepts and parity relationships, and international finance parity relationships.
  • BUS 134: Corporate Finance

    Explores capital budgeting under uncertainty, cost of capital, capital structure, and basics of corporate governance. May cover other related topics. Provides an understanding of the theoretical issues related to these topics. Emphasizes formulating optimal financial decisions. May include case-method teaching and data analysis.

  • BUS 135: Corporate Financial Policy

    Covers application of option pricing in corporate finance, financial planning, working capital management, mergers and acquisitions, and risk management. May cover other related topics. Emphasizes formulating optimal financial decisions. May include case-method teaching and data analysis.

  • BUS 136: Investments: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

    Examines the determination of investment policies and procedures of security analysis with reference to risk and return. Emphasis on the stock market.

  • BUS 137: Investments: Speculative Markets

    Analysis of advanced topics in finance, including options, commodity futures, financial futures and mutual fund performance evaluation.

  • BUS 138 or ECON 171: International Finance

    A survey of international financial institutions and the financial factors that affect the modern multinational corporation. Emphasis on exchange rate and portfolio risk.

  • BUS 139: Real Estate Investments

    Analysis of real estate development including consideration of site selection, market analysis, financing, design and construction, loan contracts, mortgage risks and investment analysis.

  • BUS 140E: Current Topics in Finance

    Addresses contemporary issues in finance. Includes financial markets, private equity, asset pricing, performance evaluation, derivative securities, market micro structure, corporate finance, corporate control and governance, and the global economy. Explores recent developments in theoretical, empirical, and applied finance. Also addresses the regulatory and ethical environment of finance.

  • BUS 146: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

    Discusses the nature of entrepreneurship and its role in the economy. Topics include identifying and evaluating business opportunities, creating a team, and acquiring financial and other necessary resources.

  • BUS 147: Entrepreneurial Finance

    Focuses on the financing of entrepreneurial ventures. Provides an understanding of opportunity recognition skills, funding techniques, and institutions involved in the financing of new ventures. Includes financial modeling, cash needs assessment, valuation, deal structure, financing alternatives, simulation, and harvesting.

  • BUS 148: Business Plan Development

    Covers the process of developing a business plan. Provides students with skills necessary to asses new venture opportunities and convert them into businesses.

  • BUS 153/ECON 153: Labor Economics

    An analysis of labor demand, labor supply, and the structure of wages. Emphasizes neoclassical, institution, and radical perspectives.

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