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Marlo Raveendran

Assistant Professor of Management

Curriculum Vitae , updated 03/2018


Marlo Raveendran's research interest is in the area of corporate strategy, with a particular focus on organization design. Specifically, she is interested in two major aspects: (a) the impact of prior interactions among employees on the choice and effectiveness of new organizational structures; and (b) the micro-foundations of organization design, such as the division of labor, coordination and interdependence. She approaches these topics using both large-sample analyses and behavioral lab experiments. She received her Ph.D. in strategy from London Business School.

Recent Scholarship


  • Raveendran, M., Puranam, P., Warglien, M. 2015. “Object Salience in the Division of Labor: Experimental Evidence”, Management Science, forthcoming.
  • Puranam, P., Raveendran, M., Knudsen, T. 2012. “Organization Design: The Epistemic Interdependence Perspective”, Academy of Management Review, Vol. 37 (3):419-440.
  • Puranam, P., Raveendran, M., 2013. “Interdependence and Organization Design”, Chapter 11 in (Ed. Grandori, A.) Handbook of Economic Organization, Edward Elgar Publishing, Northampton, MA: 193-209.


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