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Our Vision and Mission

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Undergraduate Business Programs Mission

The mission of the Undergraduate Business Programs is to establish clear educational goals while fostering personal and intellectual growth. Through mutual respect and trust, the Programs office provides resources to assist with student success, while striving to promote accountability, confidence and self-efficacy.

Our Mission

Our mission at the UCR School of Business is to develop diverse leaders, propel research-based innovation, and promote the sustainable growth of Inland Southern California within the global economy. We harness the powerful resources of UC and our location at the nexus of commerce to create a laboratory for education, research, and productive partnerships across economic enterprises.The strategic activities that propel our mission include:

  • Conducting basic and applied research in management that explores and informs the creation, development, and management of growth.
  • Providing degree programs that prepare our students to be effective managers and responsible community leaders with a deep understanding of the dynamics of growth in both a regional and global context.
  • Partnering with business and community leaders through a shared commitment to exemplary growth.
  • Delivering educational programs to executives and the public at large that respond to the needs of our local, state, national, and international communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop world-class leaders and scholars who are as diverse as the challenges they face and the enterprises they grow. SoBA will become a premier center of management research and education with a distinctive focus on developing the knowledge, skills, and tools required to lead and manage growth.

SoBA will be recognized as an excellent place to:

  • Understand how to identify and evaluate opportunities for new and growing ventures.
  • Learn how to manage and sustain opportunities for growth in organizations, industries, markets, and communities.
  • Grow personally and professionally as a business person, manager, and community leader.
  • Fuel passion for discovery and innovation.

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